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Opening hours: Friday and Saturday: 10:00 till 17:00 and by appointment.

The Bamboo Webshop of Kimmei

With our website we try to invite you to visit our nursery. After visiting our show garden visitors often find out that they have to change their ideas and that they also have to change the bamboo species that they had in mind. To figuring out the exact bamboo you are looking for is a process and that process has everything to do with personal assistance from an expert.
Important: The possibility of bending bamboo and our way to pack makes it easy to put more and larger plants in a normal car than most people think!
About our shop
We can imagine that the trip to our nursery is too long. Or you know already what you want. Then we offer you the opportunity to send the plants.

• First, we discuss when it's needed, extensively by telephone and / or e-mail.

• Visit our page ‘Best choice’There you will find the descriptions of the bamboos we support. These are the best species to use for a bamboo hedge or as a solitary and are usually available to order.

• Also the species in ‘Catalogue’ you can order. (better open in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) Ask for our stock.

• Mail your wishes to or call +31 (0) 651 587 997

• Delivered only after prepayment.
Bank details: Bamboekwekerij Kimmei, Valkenswaard (NL) Number: 152 963 847 IBAN: NL63 RABO 0152 9638 47 BIC: RABONL2U


Larger numbers: Through a transport company. Ask for the conditions.

Smaller numbers: The minimum costs of the plants must be 100 euros (pot 3 to 10 liters) and this we can send by regular post.
Costs Netherlands: EUR 10 to 10 kg and 10 to 30 kg15 euros (up to 9 x 5 liter pots)

New prices up to 30 kg: Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg (9x 5 liter pots) we can send for 25 euros.
To Austria 30 euros. To Denmark, France, Monaco, United Kingdom: 35 Euros
Other European countries 50 euros. The delivery takes 3 to 5 days.