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Best bamboo choice

For your convenience we can help you choose from the wide assortment of hardy bamboos. These are the most important species and varieties (for the Dutch climate). All of these bamboos already have proven themselves. They offer you the widest variety in forms, colors and uses for the garden. These species are usually in stock at the nursery, where you can see the mature plants in our garden.

Some promising new species Fargesia demissa ' Gerry ' , Fargesia nitida x murieliae 'Obelisk' , Fargesia sp . Jiuzhaigou 'Deep Purple' and Fargesia nitida ' Songpan 1 + 3' are also included in the ' Best choice'. These bamboos of the future are now only available in smaller numbers .

Important: Despite their impressive names we deleted almost all varieties of Fargesias murieliae like 'Bimbo', 'Jumbo', Super Jumbo’ and 'Simba' from our recommendation list. These types usually disappoint because of their sensitivity and susceptibility to diseases. And there are now much better and more reliable non-invasive species.
The frost sensitive Phyllostachys aurea and also Phyllostachys nigra are not our recommendation list.
The most common not running bamboos judged.

The best three not running species:

Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou 1 (syn. Fargesia sp. Jiu) is a colorful, elegant small leaved bamboo. The erect culms can turn to red in the spring sun. This new generation bamboo is at the moment the Fargesia for smaller places. It withstands sun, is very hardy and reaches a height of 2 to 3 meters. Suited for medium high compact hedges. During winter and early spring the leaves may temporarily curl up with frost, sun and dry wind and that gives the plant a more transparent look. In April new leaves appear and for the rest of the the foliage is dense. This species has started his career at our nursery. By pruning Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 1 the height can be kept on 1 or 2 meters  or even lower. More information: Bamboo hedges.

5 liters pot (120/150 cm ) 1 piece € 30,00 from 10 pieces -10% from 50 pieces -15%
15 liters pot (130/170+ cm ) 1 piece € 55,00 from 10 pieces -10% from 50 pieces -15%
35 liters pot (160/190+ cm ) 1 piece € 90,00 from 10 pieces -10%

Fargesia robusta ‘Campbell’ is without doubt the most beautiful and useful robusta variety. It's hardy with an erect and compact growth 'Campbell' and that makes it a much better choice than all other varieties of Fargesia robusta. This bamboo has rather small shiny leaves. The white culmsheaths on the young shoots contrast wonderfully with the shiny, deep green culms. In he summer It drops these culmsheaths. Fargesia robusta‘Campbell is one of the best  non-invasive bamboos for hedges between 3 and 4 meters high, but also as a solitary plant it is very convincing. It's sun-resistant, quite hardy and strikingly wintergreen, because the leaves don’t curl up in winter.

5 liter (90/140 cm) 1 piece € 30,00 from 10 pieces -10% from 50 pieces -15%  
15 liter (150/170 cm ) 1 piece € 55,00 from 10 pieces -10% from 50 pieces -15%  
35 liter (160/190 cm) 1 piece € 90,00 from 10 pieces -10% from 50 pieces -15%  
Larger sizes on request.

Fargesia ‘Rufa’ is a lush growing bamboo with bright green shiny leaves on graceful, overhanging branches. In 1995 the nursery imported this species from China and the height varies from 2 to 3 meters. ‘Rufa’ is one of the most hardy species, spreads quickly but is not invasive. Can be used in the sun and in shadow, as a wide wintergreen hedge, as solitary plant or in groups. This is the best species for an attempt to grow bamboo in a pot.  Shelter during winter or bury pot in the ground. The leaves don’t curl up in winter, which makes this bamboo stay beautifully green all winter. By pruning Fargesia ‘Rufa  the height can be kept on 1 or 2 meters  or even lower. More information: Bamboo hedges.

5 liter (80/100 cm) 1 piece € 25,00 from 10 pieces -10%
15 liter (90/140 cm) 1 piece € 50,00 from 10 pieces -10%
35 liter (90/150 cm) 1 piece € 85,00 from 10 pieces -10%

Other not running species.

Fargesia demissa ‘Gerry’ In February 2004 the 'Forest Department' in Lanzhou (Chinese province of Gansu) send me small plants of Fargesia demissa. This very hardy bamboo grows on the northernmost location of Fargesia in China. The striking clone, Fargesia demissa 'Gerry', that was selected by the nursery, has an open growing habit with thick, erect culms. When young these culms are colored white with powder and later they colors from dark purple to black purple . It's easy to create a mini bamboo grove by some pruning. The winter image is transparent and the leaf curls with frost, sun and dry winds but the culms remain very decorative. Information from china learned us that Fargesia demissa is  a new generation bamboo.  For me this bamboo is the most striking new species in years. Tolerates calcareous soil. Fargesia demissa 'Gerry ' is elected by the German Bamboo Society to Bamboo of the year 2014.

5 liter (110/140 cm ) 1 piece € 35,00 from 10 pieces -10%
10 liter (120/160 cm) 1 piece € 55,00 from 10 pieces -10%

New promising hybrids and seedlings of Fargesia nitida.

New: Fargesia nitida ( Nymphenburg or Eisenach ) x murieliae ' Obelisk' ( pictured left ) is a new selection with strong , closely spaced and fairly upright growing culms . The leaf color is bright green , probably due to the influence of Fargesia murieliae . This hybrid has all the makings to become a good hedge plant . The new shoots gets leaves already in the first year.

5 liter( 60/80 cm ) per piece € 35.00 Bigger sizes available.

New: Fargesia nitida (Neufeld) x murieliae 'Schensbossen' (pictured right) This is for me (so far) the most powerful growing hybrid. It has strong lighter green leaves and thicker culms. Not sensitive to diseases. This variety has many features from the old Fargesia murieliae. Reasonably upright growing. Between 4 and 5 meters in height.   
5 liter € 45 Bigger plants available

Fargesia nitida 'Volcano' ( pictured left) which grows bushy . We think 'Volcano' will become barely higher than 2 meters . This graceful Fargesia has a dense and fine foliage and has a striking and graceful appearance .

5 liter( 60/80 cm ) per piece € 35.00 from

New: Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou 'Deep Purple' (picture right) is a new spectacular introduction with canes coloring to deep purple in the autumn and the spring. By it's color it attracts our visitors in the garden.  The leaves curl less than the other Jiuzhaigou types. Height between 2 and 3 meters. 

The new selections Fargesia nitida murieliae x 'Viking' , Fargesia nitida x murieliae ' WinterJoy ' , Fargesia nitida 'Black Pearl' and Fargesia nitida ' Pillar' are only good choices if you have enough space to grow . These extremely vital and fast -growing bamboos reach quickly a height between 3 and 4 meters but the growth is broad.

New: Fargesia nitida 'Songpan 3' (pictured right, december) This variety has everything to become one of the major smaller clumping bamboos. These dwarf exceeds my expectations and it could be a better and healthier replacement for the susceptible dwarf Fargesia murieliae 'Bimbo'.
The even smaller Fargesia nitida 'Songpan 2' is in test and is not yet available.

The best bigger sized bamboos.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata (picture left) is a superb bamboo in many ways. This species has strong green erect culms with a yellow stripe. Concerning hardiness and vigour Phyllostachys aureosulcata plus its varieties ‘Aureocaulis’ and ‘Spectabilis’ are a far better choice than the not so hardy, but much used Phyllostachys aurea (we only recommend aurea for sheltered places). For higher hedges from 5 to 7 meters or as a solitary, Phyllostachys aureosulcata is an excellent choice. The hedge should be at least one meter wide and a root barrier must be used. We strongly advise a yearly trimming and control. (picture right)  From left to right: 'Spectabilis', Ph. aureosulcata (The species), 'Argus', 'Harbin', 'Aureocaulis', 'Alata' and 'Harbin-inversa'.

7,5 liters pot (120/150 cm )    1 piece € 30,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (160/200 cm )   1 piece € 55,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (200/250 cm )   1 piece € 65,00    from 10 pieces -10%     from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
Larger sizes on request.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’. (picture left) The yellow ochre culms can get a reddish blush in the spring sun and contrast beautifully with the deep green foliage. Part of the leaves has cream-coloured lines. ‘Aureocaulis’ and ‘Spectabilis’ reach a height of 5 to 7 meters. These two varieties generate discussions : Which is mo re beautiful, stripes or no stripes?
Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’ (picture right) has the same properties as Phyllostachys aureosulcata, but with a green stripe on the flat side of the yellow culm, which gives a playful pattern. Some culms produce a bend at their base during growth.

7,5 liters pot (120/150 cm )   1 piece € 30,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (160/200 cm )   1 piece € 55,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (200/250 cm )   1 piece € 65,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
Larger sizes on request.

Phyllostachys bissetii (pictures) has deep green culms fading to yellow-green and lush dark green foliage. This important bamboo has the reputation of being the hardiest Phyllostachys. The culms grow close together and reach 6 to 7 meters high. A good choice for exposed locations, colder regions and for places where a dense growth is required. Therefore  this species is suited for higher hedges. Minimum width of one meter and root barrier must be used, and here also a yearly trim and control.

7,5 liters pot (120/150 cm )   1 piece € 30,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (160/200 cm )   1 piece € 55,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
15 liters pot (200/250 cm )   1 piece € 65,00    from 10 pieces -10%    from 50 pieces -15%    from 100 pieces -20%
Larger sizes on request.

The combination of giant growth and better hardiness we notice with Phyllostachys atrovaginata (picture left) and Phyllostachys parvifolia (picture right). To develop well these hard to multiply bamboos need a large, warm and nutritious spot. As a giant bamboo this species will be a good choice for our climate. The very thick culms can grow to 10 meters or more. Limited available.

Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’ (picture left)  is one of the hardy bamboos most appealing to one’s imagination . The thick yellow ochre culms often have green lines and can reach a diameter of 8 centimeters and a height of over 10 meters (15 meters known in Holland!). Giant growth can only be achieved on warm, spacious places with humus soil. Sometimes a culm mutates to the form ‘Huanwenzhu’. Phyllostachys vivax and its varieties have a reasonably to good hardiness but can have difficulties in severe winters and culms may break with heavy snowfall or strong wind.
Phyllostachys vivax ‘Huanwenzhu’ is a stable form with yellow striped green culms. (picture right)  From left to right: The green form Ph. vivax McClure, 'Huanwenzhu','Aureocaulis' en  'Huanwenzhu-inversa'.

Other species ‘Best choice’

Pseudosasa japonica (picture left) is the best known big-leaved species with rigid culms and graceful pointed leaves. Height lies between 3 and 5 meters. This hardy bamboo can freeze back in severe winters but always builds up quickly again from the roots. Some years ago this species survived a flowering period. On sheltered places in sunlight or shadow this is a good bamboo for dense hedges. Root barrier and a minimum planting width of one meter are essential.
The smaller form Pseudosasa japonica ‘Tsutsumiana’ stays somewhat lower with 2 to 3 meters and has little bulges on the lower part of the culms.
Semiarundinaria fastuosa is a higher bamboo with rather thick, rigid culms, short branches and fair-sized leaves. The ornamental culmsheaths stay on the new stalks  for quite some time, and the culms can get a purple hue when exposed to sunlight. This bamboo is not very invasive, but once in a while it can produce an enormous runner, therefore we recommend a root barrier (preferably 65 centimeters). This species has a column-like silhouette, is quite hardy and can grow from 5 to 8 meters high. Semiarundinaria viridis (picture right)  has dark green culms and smaller leaves. This subspecies stays lower (4 to 6 meters) and is a little hardier. Sunlight to partial shade, it even stands shadow fairly well.

Indocalamus tesselatus (picture left) has the biggest leaves, which stay most lovely in wind-sheltered places in half shade or shade. Height 100 – 150 centimeters.
Sasaella masamuneana ‘Albo-striata’ (picture right) has somewhat narrower leaves with white and cream-coloured lines. Leaves get through most winters rather well. Height to over 150 centimeters, may be cut back in spring

Sasa kurilensis. (picture left) This very invasive species (70 centimeter root barrier) has strikingly broad and shiny leaves, reaches to over one meter high and can be used very well as a contrast-plant. Sun-tolerant and very hardy.
Pleioblastus pygmaeus. (picture right) Low wintergreen bamboo for covering larger areas. Used in Japan as a ‘lawn’ by mowing it twice a year.