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Opening hours: Friday and Saturday: 10:00 till 16:00 and by appointment.

The KIMMEI nursery
has since 1990 been a household name in the bamboo world and from here many new bamboo varieties have found their way to growers and individuals. "Kimmei" is a Japanese word which loosely translated means: "Golden with a green sign" and in Japanese bamboo circles this name is used for highly appreciated varieties with yellow culms and vertically green lines.

In our Western European gardens bamboo is becoming more and more important because of its staying green in winter and its diversity in form, colour and appearance.

The 35 years old garden at the nursery has now grown to maturity and is a source of inspiration to many visitors. The bamboos and accompanying plants show the possibilities of these plants in our climate.

The nursery grounds include a magnificent garden with bamboo ranging from 30 centimetres high up 15 meters and we show the major types here in their mature form and also some of the new varieties we are testing, so customers can see what the plants they are buying can look like in three to six years. Bamboo is by far the most interesting and useful plant group for creating an exotic and wintergreen oasis. We also have a wide collection of ornamental grasses and a number of the hardiest species from tropical plant families.

Jos van der Palen, originally an art painter, created Kimmei, a business in which bamboo takes the central place, and Gerry Rovers and Theo Willems complete the staff of the nursery that is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays. With over 300 different types of bamboo, Kimmei has the widest assortment in Europe and we are permanently searching for new species that are tested and eventually introduced. From our collection we have selected some 30 of the best species and varieties, which are shown under 'Best bamboo choice' from the home page.

In previous years we have been involved in many big projects with our designs and expertise, and Jos van der Palen has written a number of articles about bamboo, ornamental grasses and exotic plants for magazines and professional journals in various countries.


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